Now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, happy couples can return to planning their big day. An Increased number of couples are opting for eco-friendly options and we love it! It can be daunting researching this niche aspect of the Wedding industry and you may find yourself deep in a Pinterest idea hole. We hope this might offer some inspiration for your big (eco) day!

The Talhenbont Estate holds sustainability as an important value. It is something that directors; Alicia and Paul take seriously and continue evolving their offering for when considering future events taking place within the Estate.

Here are some ideas for when planning your décor for your eco-friendly wedding celebration at Talhenbont Hall, North Wales. 


Dried petals are a great eco-friendly alternative to other forms of confetti, such as paper or foil. Dried petals are biodegradable and look beautiful in your wedding photos.

biodegradable confetti

Table Centrepieces

There are lots of creative swaps you can make for your table centres. If you love the idea of fresh flowers, think about re-purposing your bouquets. Plan how your bouquet and those of your bridal team can be used as part of the table décor as they would otherwise be redundant whilst you are all enjoying your feast. Popping these in a vase on your top table, bar, gift table or any other area of your wedding enables your guests to get a detailed look at your beautiful bouquets and saves on additional florals or décor elements.

Eco friendly weddings

Wedding Signage

Neon’s are so fun! From a meaningful phrase to a quirky shape or your name up in lights, they certainly add a bit of wow factor to your wedding décor. Swap out traditional gas neon’s, which consume a lot of energy and contain toxic materials, for LED neon’s. These use around the same power as a standard household bulb, but they’re still very bright! Consider what will happen to them after the wedding too if you’re getting a bespoke design. Is there a space for it in your home, or can it be re-made into a new neon shape for someone else?

Eco Friendly Wedding Venues


Use little wooden name tags as both a place card and a favour and your guests will have a cute keepsake to take home.

Eco-friendly place cards

We recently had a chat with the wonderful Neil from Neil Henderson Media about what directors Alica and Paul have been proactively doing at Talhenbont Hall to ensure more sustainability is encouraged and how we can further minimise impact on our great planet.

Neil has been working with 77Diamonds “The Guide to Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Ethical Weddings”. It offers plenty of valuable information such as:

  • An in-depth look at sustainable and ethical weddings – why they are important and how choosing a green wedding helps reduce the strain on the environment.
  • Eye-opening facts and figures about the carbon footprint and waste generated by weddings and the wedding industry as a whole (did you know that around 4,910 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic is used up by weddings annually?).
  • How to plan a sustainable wedding – including plenty of tips on finding green wedding planners and suppliers, eco-friendly wedding venues, organic and zero-waste food and catering, and other helpful resources.
  • Other useful green wedding resources, organisations, and zero-waste tips and advice to help make weddings more ethically conscious and environmentally friendly.

The Full Guide to a Sustainable Wedding | 77 Diamonds

If you would like more information about Talhenbont Hall for your eco-friendly wedding celebration, please contact the team by email: enquiries@talhenbonthall.co.uk