Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are the backbone of the wedding party. There to help with every mishap and emotional moment, because of this it’s become common to show your appreciation to your girls with a gift or gesture at the end of it all to say, ‘Thank you for making this day perfect’. Sometimes it can be hard to think of the perfect gift to express your gratitude, so here’s a quick list of great, personal gift ideas for your Bridesmaids!

Custom Candles – Custom candles are both a thoughtful, and useful gesture. Your bridesmaids can keep them around their home and will remember your special day every time you light them. You can pick out a personal smell they’ll love and always associate with your friendship.

Flipflops – While it may seem like a silly gift, having a pair of personalised shoes to slip into during the evening when your heels are aching will be hugely appreciated! Customising them with ‘Bridesmaid’ or their names adds that extra special touch that shows you care.

Bridesmaid Necklace – If you want a more traditional thank you gift, bridesmaid necklaces are a great option. You could include your initials, their name, the date, or a quote that’s special to you all. Simpler is normally best with necklaces, as a complex or incredibly unique bit of jewellery might not get as much wear!

Embroidered Robe – If you’re looking to give your Bridesmaids a gift on the day, a cute, embroidered robe can be just what they need when they’re getting into hair and makeup.

Tote Bag – Tote bags are fashionable now and quite easy to get printed. If you have a logo for your wedding or…

Giftbag – If getting one gift doesn’t feel like it’s enough, a giftbag full of little presents can be a great alternative. Putting things like perfume, make-up, chocolates, personal cards, or similar mini treats can easily build a perfect giftbag. They’re especially good if you want to build a gift that’s unique for each bridesmaid. While you can purchase pre-made giftbags, even ones that cater to your allergy/dietary requirements, it can be a simple and fun thing to make yourself too.