How will weddings and wedding planning look during COVID-19? Here at Talhenbont Hall, we think on our feet and have been hard at work liaising with everyone from our couples right through to their chosen suppliers. We are working on this ever-evolving situation we all find ourselves in. This is an unprecedented time and we are finding it beneficial to talk to experts and industry insiders across the board. We are positive and cannot wait to be hosting weddings again here at Talhenbont. In the meantime, here are a few tips. They may be handy for couples in the planning stages of their wedding currently and looking at dates over the next 12 months.

Replacing Face-to-face Consultations with Video Meetings

We have joined with photographers, florists, cake suppliers, hair stylists and more to take part in events such as Wedding Fair Live on Facebook. We have been taking couples of virtual venue tours and behind the scenes of Talhenbont. You can get a real feel for our stunning hall and estate. It has shown couples, and businesses, just how easy it is to carry on without needing to meet in person. We have found it positive and those who have already booked are able to check out our You Tube videos of the estate at this time of year. Alicia’s presenting skills have really come in to their own! Look out for other members of the family including Paul, daughter Daisy and even Tippy the cat!

Changing Appointment Protocol where Meetings are Needed.

There are going to be changes to traditions whether it is for a dress fitting, florist consultation, or a menu tasting. Brides and grooms will be encouraged to include only the members of the bridal party that absolutely have to be there, involving all others via video link instead. There will be time between appointments for cleaning. Many couples have really supported this move as it puts more control of wedding planning back in their hands and reduces time pressure during appointments.

Talhenbont as a Venue.

As a venue we are incredibly lucky to be able to offer a huge amount of outdoor space and the option of an outdoor ceremony on our stunning terrace. We are thinking that social distancing is likely to become a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. Some of the most stunning weddings we have had have taken place outdoors. Talhenbont Hall and grounds over versatile spaces. With the weather we have been having, you could imagine hosting the wedding breakfast on the lawn!

Guests on the lawn          Talhenbont Hall Exterior

Allowing for Social Distancing.

We have been working with couples to look at reducing their guest numbers to make social distancing easier . They have considered allocating that budget to upgrading their menu or drinks package or paying for extra safety measures such as hiring in additional toilets and hand washing facilities. We have had a positive response so far and it is great to hear feedback from couples as to how they want to proceed with this. This is an ever-changing situation and so having a “Plan B” to allow for this is something couples are keen to implement.

The Order of the Day.

The order of the day and some traditions may change, some for the better according to our couples! As a bride and groom, you will not feel obliged to dutifully kiss everyone! You might choose to make adjustments to the normal order that events take place to allow for those that are shielding to be there for key moments such as cake cutting and the speeches, then leave before the wedding breakfast. There may be changes to the first dance, which might take place while guests are still seated or even between courses.

Wearing Masks at Weddings.

We don’t anticipate many wedding guests will be wearing masks, however our brilliant catering team at Cheeky Chilli along with some of the suppliers at Talhenbont are likely to wear a mask for their own protection and for added safety of your guests. Weddings and wedding planning during Covid-19 is an unusual time for everyone.

Cheeky Chilli are working on weddings and wedding planning during Covid-19     Weddings and wedding planning during Covid-19 could have more of an outdoor feel

Including Guests Remotely.

You want to ensure that guests from overseas, grandparents, or other vulnerable guests will still be able to be part of your big day. Think about ways to involve them. We can help you to set up live video streams to arranging for the same meal and wine to be delivered to them at home. What a lovely touch and something we can help you to arrange here at Talhenbont.

What can you do to Help your Venue and Suppliers.

Weddings and wedding planning during Covid-19 is changing week by week. Here at Talhenbont we are working with all of our suppliers and we will be doing all that we can  reasonably do to help you, so it is good to know where you can help them.

Remember this is nobody’s fault! We all would rather your wedding was exactly as you had planned, so try to be understanding if they are being asked to put different health and safety rules in place or need to make other changes. It could be beneficial to adopt a flexible approach with your florist, or cake maker may not be able to source their usual products or ingredients and may need to adjust. We can all work together at Talhenbont to ensure that your big day is everything you ever dreamed it would be and we are as excited as you are for it to happen.

Keep checking our You Tube Channel, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages for up to date footage, images and information. Get in touch to arrange a virtual show-round with Alicia and don’t forget to check out our gallery pages.