Not only is Talhenbont Hall a beautiful wedding venue to celebrate your wedding with, its surrounded by heaps of local culture you can experience while you’re there or incorporate into your visit. If you’re staying for multiple days with us and would like to encounter some of the local culture here are a few local attractions suited to couples, families and more.

Criccieth Beach/Marine Beach– Costal Wales is known for its beautiful expansive beaches and dunes. These lush, quiet coasts are the perfect location for a private, staged beach photoshoot to compliment your other wedding photos. There are plenty to choose from in the local area, all of which are within a reasonable driving distance, Criccieth and Marine Beach stand out particularly for their location in relation to Talhenbont Hall, and their beautiful clear horizons.

Criccieth Castle– If you’re interested in experiencing some of the local ethos Criccieth Castle is an excellent way to do so. Much like our own Talhenbont Hall, the castle is a splendid example of Wales’ rich and deep culture, and perfect for all ages and group sizes.

Dwyfor Rabbit Farm and Animal Park– Sometimes it can be difficult to keep children entertained, especially when you’re more focused on making sure everything runs smoothly than playing hide and seek. If you’d like a wonderful day out to tire out your kids before your big day, Dwyfor Animal Park is perfect. This local attraction is suitable for all ages and staffed by knowledgeable staff and heaps of cute and pet-able animals.

Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways– While a little further away Wales many small railways are a fantastic way to explore the beautiful local vistas and get some memorable selfies in the misty hills and valleys of North Wales. A trip on one of the railways can be a personal and relaxing way to start of end your wedding weekend.

If you would like more information on the local attractions nearby our beautiful North Wales Wedding Venue, please contact us by email: enquiries@talhenbonthall.co.uk