Planning the ideal wedding date can be tricky. It’s not easy to choose a day that is suitable for all your requirements, and one of the main questions you may ask yourselves is whether it’s preferable to have your wedding on a weekday or a weekend. Here are some elements to consider when making the decision:


Wedding festivities are most memorable when the guests have an appropriate time. Weekends are often considered the best times for weddings for this reason. Most guests have weekends off and can genuinely enjoy the wedding as they can sleep off their hangovers on Sunday and get back to work the next week. However, even in weekday weddings, if you want the atmosphere to be festive and relaxed, you should try to give guests as much notice as possible so they can book time off work.

There are many pros and cons to both weekday and weekend weddings. However, selecting a wedding date depends a lot on your personal choice and the availability of other resources. It’s better to have a long discussion with your family and consider all options before finalising anything.


If you’re conscious of your budget, a weekday wedding is the politest way of reducing the wedding costs without hurting anyone. You can usually gain more value for money overall.


Suppliers have a higher chance of being fully booked up if you opt for a popular day like Saturday. Mondays and Thursdays are much quieter, so you stand a better chance of being able to secure all you require for your ideal wedding.

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