Tips for perfecting your wedding table plan

While planning your wedding tables seems innocuous enough, it can often be an incredibly stressful task. It can bring up the complicated web of interfamily conflicts or result in stagnant or awkward conversation that could totally ruin the mood of the wedding meal. But fear not, here are some quick tips on how to perfect your wedding table plan!

All shapes and sizes

The type of table shape you choose will affect your seating plan overall. The four traditional options are square, oval, circle and rectangular. While round tables are the most traditional, they don’t utilise space very effectively, so if your space is limited due to large guest numbers, square or rectangular tables work best. Alternatively, a single, long table can be effective if you have a smaller guest list or know all your guests can get along. It gives the wedding an intimate feeling and gives you plenty of space for long floral decoration or candle displays.

Sort guests by type

It may seem obvious but putting your elderly grandma with your partners outspoken friend is probably not a great idea. Putting grandparents and other older family, work friends, extended family etc. together is a good place to start. People with a pre-existing repour are far more likely to get along and make for easy conversation flow. However, if there are any notable feuds, such as Ex’s on bad terms, it’s probably best to seat them as far apart as you can get away with. The complimentary champagne will only exacerbate things and overshadow the whole event.

Name / number the table

Ensuring the tables are clearly numbered or named is an absolute must. Getting guests seated as smoothly as possible is ideal to make sure the whole wedding keeps to schedule. Not only are they useful, but name cards can make a cost effective and attractive keepsakes for guests, especially if you go for something unusual like acrylic name tags or personalised designs. Be sure to also include initials for guests with the same name.

Heads up

In the same vein, having a large physical table plan, or sending out a digital plan in advance, not only helps guests know their seat in advance but can make for a stand-out decoration opportunity. Mirrored boards, rustic wood panels or boards with large floral borders are all popular options, though if there isn’t room in your budget a digital table plan can be equally effective, and there is assorted free software that allows you to make it yourself with ease.

We hope you found our table plans tips useful and if you happen to be one of our couples reading this, we really look forward to welcoming you for your special day at our North Wales Wedding Venue.