We offer so many options at Talhenbont in terms of flexibility of space and the type of wedding that you want. Every wedding reflects the couple’s personality, tastes and faith, if they so wish. At Talhenbont we are able to offer exciting diverse spaces with a sense of “ceremony” for those wanting a civil ceremony, without the church. We have been working closely with celebrants locally who are able to offer that sense of occasion in one of our spaces, whether it be the Main Hall, The Coach House or on the stunning outdoor terrace overlooking the river.

What is a Celebrant?

We spoke to two local celebrants Laura Hurley and Susan Foxall about the service that they offer and what you can expect from you ceremony.

Laura tells us – “If you’ve googled this question it’s probably because you are looking for a way to make your wedding or vow renewal unique, memorable, meaningful and exciting. For too long wedding and vow renewal ceremonies have consisted of a fill-in-the blanks template with not enough life, love and romance injected into them. As a Celebrant, I provide a fun and modern alternative to a registrar-led ceremony and will hand craft a bespoke ceremony that tells your love story and then deliver it on the day with all the enthusiasm and flair that it deserves.

I spend months, sometimes years, getting to know the clients I work with. I learn all about you as individuals and how you work as a couple. I love hearing all about your quirks, how you met, the proposal, your journey so far and your plans for the future. In addition, I will ask you what drives you potty about each other, nicknames, and other questions that will give me a real sense of your personalities. When I have all the information I need, I weave it all together and bring your words to life in a bespoke ceremony script. Before I write this, I will have a good understanding of the type of wedding you would like and can tailor the script to be more romantic, funny, nostalgic or a mixture. My style tends to be warm and fuzzy, full of romance and happy tears with just the right amount of gentle humor.

My main hope is that couples will start to see that the ceremony is the main part of their day. It is where the party starts and doesn’t have to be a quick, 10-minute generic ceremony that you don’t really remember. You are about to make your lifelong promises to each other, or for a vow renewal you will be about to reaffirm your love for one another. This is one of, if not, the most important day of your life and it deserves special attention from a professional Celebrant, right?

In having a Celebrant-led ceremony, you will still need to do the legal paperwork at the registry office. My couples view this as just getting the paperwork out the way. When signing your paperwork, you do not need to exchange your vows or your rings. You don’t need to wear your wedding clothes or have any readings, poetry or other symbolic elements. You can save all that for your beautiful wedding ceremony with me. To just do the legal paperwork costs around £50, plus your notice of marriage, which is £35 each. So, it costs around £120 – £130 total with certificate. Signing the legal paperwork separately then means you are free to choose when, where and how you have the wedding of your dreams.


Susan tells us – “I know that there is masses to look at on Pinterest and social media and you can all too easily get side-lined by what everyone else thinks you should have, but don’t lose sight of the most important part of your day – the treasured words you will say to your loved one on your most special day – the most significant words you will ever exchange. So many couples think that they have no choice or say over the content of their ceremony, believing that it’s a straight choice between church and registrar. This isn’t the case.

When you spend so much time and money making every little detail perfect, – the flowers, the dress, the cake, the photos – ensuring it reflects who you really are as a couple, then shouldn’t your vows get the same treatment?

As a celebrant I will spend time with you, get to know you (and you me) and carefully create a unique ceremony that really fits you and your personalities.  Your ceremony can be held wherever, whenever, whatever time. – limited only by your imagination. You can choose every single aspect of the ceremony, including whether to weave in some special and beautiful symbolic elements such as a hand-fasting or Loving Cup. Isn’t this how it should be?

Until the law changes, we celebrants cannot do the legal bit – but we are working on this I promise.

So, take a little trip down to your local register office.  You will need a couple of witnesses, choose a weekday, ask for a basic registration appointment, where you will exchange the legal vows (masses of them – 47 words apiece!) sign on the dotted line. I can help you with this, so no panicking required. Save the personal vows, the rings and anything symbolic and beautiful that you would love to have on your wedding day for just that – your wedding day. Because all your guests see all this on your chosen date, as long as you don’t tell them, then no-one will know.  Dare to be different….if you want your pet dog to be the ring bearer, you can. If you want Ave Maria played as you walk down the aisle, you can. So much is possible.”


Laura Hurley, Celebrant – Mobile – 07719 529561

Susan Foxall, Celebrant – Mobile – 07800 572127

To discuss your options and allow us to point you in the right direction in finding a celebrant to be part of your big day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on enquiries@talhenbonthall.co.uk