Your Wedding Check List

So, you’ve just got engaged, congratulations! Once you’ve finished celebrating together, and maybe telling your close friends and family, the next step is to start planning for your big day. This can seem overwhelming at first, so here’s a quick checklist of things to get the ball rolling and make you feel more at ease planning your big day.

Pick a Day- The first step is to pick your day! Generally, it’s best to avoid major holidays as guests are likely to have pre-existing plans or be unable to make it. In a similar vein, if possible, a weekend is best though if you can’t do that Friday is also a good idea. While Valentine’s Day weddings can be tempting (and very romantic) you may run into the above issue of people being busy.

Wedding Planner– If you want to ease some of the stress of planning everything yourself, the second thing you should look into hiring a wedding planner. They’ll be able to advise on budgeting, suppliers and what sort of wedding you can get within your budget.

Venue– Picking out a venue early on is important as it’s useful, and possibly required, to book all other suppliers. Additionally, are more likely to have your desired date available especially if the place you have in mind is very popular.

Bridesmaids/Best Man- While there’s a good chance you already have someone in mind for your Maid of Honour or Best Man, making sure you pick the right Bridesmaids is also important. Picking a party who will be hassle and drama free is a must!

Dress/Bridesmaid/Suit- Having a dress you feel confident and beautiful in is super important, as is having bridesmaid dresses that compliment it.

Photographer/Videographer- Picking a photographer with a style you like is extremely important, as the photos they take will be one of your main keepsakes from your big day. Not everyone chooses to have a videographer, but, if possible, they are worth it!

Entertainment- Good entertainment will set the mood in the evening, so don’t underestimate it. While a Band or DJ is the classic choice, non-musical entertainment has become increasingly popular. Fireworks, entertainers, caricaturists, or other activity-based fun are good alongside the music if your friends aren’t the dancing sort.

Catering– Going to taster days is both fun and useful to find the right cater for you. Make sure to ask about dietary requirement alternatives if you or your guests need gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegan options. While most places do cater to these needs it’s good to make sure the alternatives are just as good as the default meals.

Florist/Décor– Very often flowers will be the centrepiece of your wedding’s decorations, so getting nice ones is always worthwhile. Dry, silk or fresh can be used as you desire depending on your budget, venue and location.

Wedding Cake- As with the catering, going to cake tastings is always fun! If you want a cake with more than two tiers, it’s worth considering getting a few fake layers so you’re not left with piles of uneaten cake at the end of it. Having a kitchen cake for children or allergy requirements is worth looking into.

Guest List- Once you’ve got a grasp on the size of your venue, budget, and availability you can put together your guest list. Depending on your friends/family you may have anything from 20 to 200 guests, or more!

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